F.A.Q. Contractors

How can I be considered for projects ?

In order to have the opportunity to start bidding, you must first be listed in our database. Create your contractor’s profile. Please be as much detailed as possible. It’s totally free and without obligation.

How much does it cost ?

Being included in our database is free. When we receive a project that corresponds to your criteria, we let you know and you decide if you are interested by the specific project.

If you are interested, you make a proposal (bid) to home owner. It will cost you a two dollars (CA$2) per bid. No indirect or hidden cost.

What happens once I am identified for a project ?

We will send you an alert (email) to inform you about a new project that corresponds to your criteria. This generally includes a link to specific project page. If you are interested by the project, you communicate with the home owner directly through Okkee to submit your proposal/bid.

How many contractors are identified by project ?

Every project is unique, but generally the system refer up to 7 contractors per project. Therefore, for each potential client, you are competing with other contractors. So, it is important to communicate quickly with the potential client, make sure to follow-up, submit a competitive quote, and stand out from the competition. But in the meantime, you are only competing with a limited number of contractors, so your chances of success are relatively high.

Is it possible to make a bid without our invitation ?

Yes. Please browse our database to find  a project that meets your criteria and make a bid/proposal to home owner.

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